Texting Services and Capabilities

Texting Services and Capabilities

Texting services are essential for any business these days. There is no doubt that cell phones have become an important part of almost everyone’s life. While email can still be an important part of communicating, nothing compares to texting. Rarely do you meet someone that prefers an actual phone call to texting. As a business owner, having a comprehensive texting program will help get your products in front of more potential customers.

Advantages of Texting Services

When it comes to a texting strategy, it should be part of a larger overall marketing strategy. While email and voice campaigns are also very effective by adding a texting service, it will fully complement your marketing strategy. With a texting campaign, you can easily inform customers of things such as:

  • Meeting or appointment reminders
  • Holiday or new store hours
  • Payment or invoice reminders
  • Sales or special offers
  • Review reminders

The biggest advantage texting has is instant delivery. Text messages are checked instantly while an email may take days before it is viewed if viewed at all. In addition, another advantage would be less competition. Do you know someone who never deletes an email or never opens most of them? Your email will be competing with hundreds of other emails while a text will go right to the user directly.

Texting Capabilities

At Johnston Howse, we can scale your text campaign to exactly the size you need. Some of the available texting options include:

  • Automated Messaging
  • Scalability
  • Scheduled Messaging
  • High Open Rates
  • Stat Tracking

No matter the size of your texting lists, we can handle any size texting campaign.  From millions of texts to just a couple hundred, Johnston Howse has the capabilities to provide you with the exact services you need. Finally, contact us today for more information on all our texting services and capabilities.

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