Regional and National OTT Services

Regional and National OTT Services

When looking for regional, national, or even global over-the-top (OTT) streaming look no further than Johnston Howse.  While traditional TV is still a popular choice, streaming and the internet are growing every year. The term cord-cutter is becoming more and more popular. Naturally, companies need to find ways to put their content in front of these new users. That is where Johnston Howse comes in. Located in Tennessee, we are one of the best regional service providers.

Regional Or Global No Limit

When it comes to Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, or surrounding states, we are one of the top providers. In addition, with the internet, we can provide your content on a global scale as well. Where TV stations are limited to the area they are in, streaming content with OTT it can be seen anywhere at any time. Many OTT services such as Netflix and Roku have global audiences. Johnston Howse can provide services for you to develop a channel or content for a Roku channel or broadcast network of your own.

We covered how popular OTT services are, but there is a limitation for users for it. The most important is the speed of their internet. Over the years internet speeds have increased greatly, but if your internet is below 25mbps then streaming content might be a challenge. Also, if you have a slow connection and there are few devices using the internet it could slow down streams greatly.

Access To OTT Services

While internet speed can be a bother for some, another great advantage is no need for cable boxes in each room. Smart TVs and small devices like Roku make streaming much easier. You will not have to pay rental fees on cable boxes anymore with streaming devices. Of course, you can always use a laptop or phone as well.

OTT services are a great way to put your products and content in front of new users. Johnston Howse we are here to help you develop the right service for you and your company, contact us today!