OTT Development And Solutions

OTT Solutions And Development

In the past, the best way to get your message out there is through television.  While television is still a great way, recently OTT (Over-the-top) broadcasting has become an important avenue to getting your content out there.  When you talk about OTT, that covers streaming services, VOD, Live streaming, and many alternative ways from television to broadcast your content. At Johnston Howse, we can help you develop an OTT strategy to benefit your business.

OTT Outlook

The Over-The-Top market in 2019 was estimated at around $85.16 billion. By 2025 it is expected to be around $194.20 billion. In addition, more and more advertisers are forgoing traditional TV and placing money in online ads, streaming ads, and other services.  Also, many companies are including OTT options in their advertising budget each year. In addition, when it comes to users, they prefer the freedom streaming anywhere gives them.

With more and more people cutting the cord and relying on streaming devices, now is the time to get your content out there. From Roku to Amazon, you need to have your content where people will see it the most. OTT development will greatly benefit your business.

OTT Development

There are many factors you need when looking into OTT development. At Johnston Howse, we will help develop an entire OTT plan that can benefit your business the most. We can provide access to reliable Content Delivery Networks (CDN).  Also, we will help develop a content management system (CMS) and user-friendly website.

Furthermore, Johnston Howse can build custom streaming channels for Roku and other streaming services. Our experienced team can talk to you and help you develop the perfect plan to provide quality OTT services. Finally, with our help, your content will be delivered to high-quality services in front of the customers you want. Contact Jonhston Howse today!

Apple TV Channel Development

Apple TV has a growing audience that will need new content and developing a channel for the service is a wise investment. Users are always looking for new content to consume from Podcasts to TV shows content is at its highest demand in years. With a custom streaming channel, you can put your products and content right in front of a demanding audience.

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Benefits of Having a Fire TV Channel

Considering that Fire TV has over 40 million active users, it is clear why your OTT channel should be on this streaming platform. OTT services have become an important avenue to distribute your content.  By having a Fire TV OTT channel, you can provide streaming services, VOD, live streaming, podcasting, and other broadcasting methods. A Fire TV channel will allow your services and business to be marketed to a large audience and provide an easier format for people to enjoy.

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Development For Tizen on LG & Samsung TV’s

Tizen, is a Linux-based operating system, that major TV brands use such as LG and Samsung. This software is used in a variety of products such as TVs, watches,  and other wearables. In addition, Tizen is open source which enables just about everyone to develop for it. With millions of devices using the software, it benefits companies by being on the platform.

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Android and Android TV

With more and more users turning to Android TV each month, the audience is growing at a fast rate. To benefit your business, you should have a streaming channel on Android that will provide millions of users with your content. Your first step to accomplish this goal is to contact Johnston Howse.  At Jonhston Howse, we can develop a full plan for your company to provide OTT programming to any of the major streaming services.

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