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Hi There! So, you searched for Johnston House and landed here. Hopefully, you were looking for us “Johnston Howse” a premier multi-platform developer. This is a common mistake and the reason for this page. We specialize in Broadcast TV, VOD, Live Streaming, Applications, Drupal, along with OTT systems engineering and consulting services.

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Johnston Howse LLC
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ROKU Channel Development

When it comes to advertising and spreading the word about your business a Roku Channel is the perfect option. Traditional TV and Cable Television are fading quickly. While streaming platforms such as Roku are gaining more and more steam each day.

Roku is a streaming device that lets you stream programs and channels from all over. In addition, Roku is now being prebuilt in certain brands of televisions as well. Roku offers hundreds of channels to choose from such as Netflix or ESPN.

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A Look At Drupal Development

For web development or broadcast media networks, one popular solution is Drupal. At Johnston Howse, we can provide scalable Drupal development to fit your needs. When it comes to providing feature-rich, secure, and relevant content, Drupal is the right choice.

To understand Drupal, you first need to know what a content management system is, or as they are known as CMS. A CMS is a backend software that many websites use. Also, if you have ever logged into an admin section of a website, then you are most likely using a CMS. There are many popular types of CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, and of course Drupal.

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