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Streaming and eSports Growing Together

Streaming and VOD can really help boost your business.  One industry streaming really help put on the map was eSports. With streaming sites such as Twitch and YouTube Live (there used to be YouTube Gaming), the popularity of eSports grew faster than anticipated.  For those that do not know what eSports is, it is competitive […]

How a CDN Benefits Your Website and Content

What is a CDN? A CDN stands for a content delivery network and it is used to deliver content faster than traditional means. When you surf the web or use streaming services, traditionally the website or content you request is pulled from a server. A server is essentially a computer that hosts all the content […]

Drupal Version 8 Is now End Of Life

Drupal version 8 is now reaching the end of life. What exactly does that mean for your Drupal-based site? End of life in software terms means it will no longer be supported. Much like Microsoft Windows will force you to upgrade your system because the old operating system is no longer supported. This is very […]

The Future Looks Bright For Roku

At Johnston Howse, we believe the future looks bright for Roku. We highly recommend Roku Development for any business. Every year, the user base for Roku grows larger, and having your content in front of more eyes will generate more sales.  In addition, it will generate more brand awareness for your business and products. Why […]