Increasing Content Provider Upload Speeds

Increasing Content Provider Upload Speeds

When it comes to being a content provider for streaming, upload speeds need to be fast and efficient. Delivering your content to potential viewers for a great user experience is a top priority.  When it comes to streaming lag and buffering are your worst enemy. Also, if the lag is coming from the broadcaster’s end and not the users this could drive potential viewers away, and nobody wants that!

Increase Your Upload Speeds

The upload speeds you should be looking for are at least in the range of 672 Kbps to 61.5 Mbps.  The upload rate is determined by the number of bits moved per second. There are some factors to consider to get better speeds.

Your connection modes can really affect your speeds. One of the best today is a fiber-optic connection. While this can be a little pricier than traditional service, the speeds are much higher than most. In addition, everyone loves Wifi, but an old-school wired connection will have faster speeds than wireless.

Splitting The Stream

Another way to increase your speeds is not to overwork your network. Close unused applications and try to limit the number of devices on your network. Another option to consider is your hardware. How old is your router? Is your computer on its last leg? Newer hardware can help with speeds in addition to the other options.

Uploading Content

You may have the most amazing content in the world, but if you struggle to upload it or if the quality for the user is bad, nobody will watch. At Johnston Howse, we will help you determine the best way to upload content and help develop a full OTT plan for broadcasting your content. In addition, we can also help you develop streaming channels and build a channel for your own. Finally, contact us today and see what we can do for you!