Drupal Version 8 Is now End Of Life

Drupal Version 8 Is now End Of Life

Drupal version 8 is now reaching the end of life. What exactly does that mean for your Drupal-based site? End of life in software terms means it will no longer be supported. Much like Microsoft Windows will force you to upgrade your system because the old operating system is no longer supported. This is very common practice with many software developers.

Drupal Version 8 Security Risk

A major driving force behind the constant upgrade cycle is security. Versions of older software tend to be easier to hack than the newest ones.  The latest versions will have the most secure code and latest updates that hackers are not familiar with. Also, new features may not be able to be added to the older software version. In this particular case, Drupal 8 has some security flaws that Drupal 7 or 9 does not have.

As of November 17, 2021, Drupal version, 8 is no longer supported. This means that if your website is running this version you should upgrade to version 9.  Of course, this does not mean your site will stop working. Your site will function like it always does, but you are leaving a major security flaw open to hackers. In addition, if you are selling items online you do not want to have any type of security hole in your site.

Drupal 9 Upgrade

Without support, no more updates will be available for version 8.  Oddly enough Drupal version 7 will still continue with support until November of 2022. Drupal 9 end of life is scheduled for November of 2023.

At Jonhston Howse, we highly recommend that you upgrade Drupal to version 9. If you do not know how to do this, you are in luck we are experts at Drupal and can handle your upgrade for you. Finally, contact us today to upgrade your installation!