Drupal Development

For web development or broadcast media networks, one popular solution is Drupal. At Johnston Howse, we can provide scalable Drupal development to fit your needs. When it comes to providing feature-rich, secure, and relevant content, Drupal is the right choice.

A Look At Drupal Development

Drupal DevelopmentTo understand Drupal, you first need to know what a content management system is, or as they are known as CMS. A CMS is a backend software that many websites use. Also, if you have ever logged into an admin section of a website, then you are most likely using a CMS. There are many popular types of CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, and of course Drupal.

The CMS provides many advantages to a website author. A CMS provides an easier way to edit and maintain the content on your website. In addition, you can control access to content from other editors or users of the website. Also, as your website grows, a CMS can help you organize and maintain everything in a user-friendly system to keep your site running smoothly.

Many of the content management systems have a thriving community and are open source. This helps provide even more innovation to help add new features to your website when needed.

Why Choose Drupal Over The Others?

With so many different CMS to choose from, why choose Drupal? There are many reasons to choose Drupal over the others and at Johnston Howse, we took the time to lay out for you some solid reasons why we always recommend Drupal.

  • Many Resources. The Drupal community provides a huge plethora of resources such as add-ons and other features that can help you expand the functionality of your Drupal website.  Also Drupal has been around since 2001, and developers of all levels have been contributing to the CMS to make it the best choice.
  • Reliable. Technology in this day and age can sometimes be not the most reliable. Drupal on the other hand, with its long history of development, is known as one of the most stable CMS out there today. Even when new versions are released they support the older versions for at least 5 years and they make it easier to upgrade your current version.
  • Flexible.  When starting out you may only need a few features for your website. But later on, you may want to add new features like videos or event calendars. The good news is that Drupal is very flexible and easy to implement new features such as those. This makes your site very scalable and flexible.
  • Security. One of the best advantages of Drupal is its security. Many government sites trust the security that Drupal provides. The built-in security for Drupal is stronger and better than most other CMS. Also, with additional add-ons, you can make your site even more secure.

Drupal Services We Offer

Drupal Migration

If you already have a Drupal site and are planning on moving it, we can help. Moving to a new server for hosting can be a daunting task, let the professionals at Johnston House handle the migration.

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Drupal Development

Just starting out? Our team can help you develop a comprehensive plan on exactly the type of Drupal site for your needs. Then provide the development of the site to your exact needs.

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Drupal Upgrading

Already have a Drupal site and looking to upgrade it? At Johnston Howse, we can upgrade your Drupal installation to the current version of the CMS and provide testing of the site.

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Drupal and Broadcast Media Network Client

World View Weekend

World View Weekend Broadcast Network
The World View Weekend Broadcast Network is a Drupal-developed broadcast media network. They provide a variety of content such as TV shows, Videos, Radio Shows, and much more. The site was built and maintained by Johnston Howse.

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