Application Development

Application Development

Application development comes in many forms, from mobile apps to applications for your website. At Johnston Howse, we can help develop the perfect application for your company.  Our experienced developers can walk you through exactly what you need.

Application Development Expertise

When it comes to mobile development, we can develop for Android and iOS. In addition, we thoroughly test throughout the whole process to make sure the application is running to your and ours standards. When it comes to development there is a variety that we provide.

  • Custom Application Development – When regular software does not provide the services you need, you should choose a custom development to perform exactly how you want it.
  • Low-Code Development – This type includes drag and drop type interfaces to make the development easier for non-programmers
  • Mobile Development – Creating apps to run on Android or iOS which can then be downloaded from the stores for use.
  • Database Application Development – These applications interact with a database that stores your information and makes changes to it depending on your choices.
  • Enterprise Development – These are applications used for large-scale companies and organizations.
  • Web Application Development – Web apps for a specific purpose. These apps are accessed through any internet-enabled device.

As you can see there are a lot of development choices. In addition, at Johnston Howse, we use the latest coding languages for all our development projects. Coding such as PHP, Java, C++, Javascript, Jquery, Swift, Kotlin, and of course HTML and CSS.

Start Your Project Today

No matter what you are looking for we can help! From Roku development to Drupal based websites we have services that will benefit your company. Also, if you are looking to start a broadcast media network,  Johnston Howse has extensive experience in this area. From live videos to podcasts we can help you spread your message all over the internet. Contact us today for your next project!